hello ,guys here i have shown a pure css styled loader its very simple animation trick every one can use

i have created a nav and turn it to the circle by making border-radius =50%

and then using animation keywords from and to and just rotating it from 0 degrees to 359 deg with delay of 50 milisec

and to make it different i also changed border every time as it rotates its border will keep changing

nav{ height:300px; width:300px; border-radius:50%; transition:50s; margin-top: 30px; animation: animi2 3s infinite; border-top:10px solid red;}

@keyframes animi2{ from{transform: rotate(0deg);}


{transform: rotate(359deg); border-top:25px solid pink;}

to{transform: rotate(359deg); border-top:25px solid white;}


loader upside down




Engineering student who loves coding

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Engineering student who loves coding

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