The practical application

  • its a simple GUI Tkinter based app
simple GUI

The first button will print numbers within a…


hello ,guys here i have shown a pure css styled loader its very simple animation trick every one can use

i have created a nav and turn it to the circle by making border-radius =50%

and then using animation keywords from and to and just rotating it from 0 degrees to 359 deg with delay of 50 milisec

and to make it different i also changed border every time as it rotates its border will keep changing

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Python is really cool language and most important I love the web scraping concept of python. so basically web scraping can be referred to as gathering information from sources such as websites and using it for project

I have written a program that downloads a pdf from a specified link for example I have to use a dummy site that does not really exist to download a pdf

import socket

import requests

url= “"

res = requests.get(url)


f = open(“sample.pdf”,”wb”)



In this example, it copies all content of the pdf file to a new file called smaple.pdf and stores it in the current directory.if pdf is not on site it will show error 404 i.e file not found

hello everyone here i have created pure css based switch in this i have use only css. not any special javascript will slide on mouse over


height: 200px;

width: 600px;

border-radius: 99px;




height: 100%;

width: 30%;


border-radius: 50%;

transition: 2s;



margin-left: 420px;


output of code


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